Centrum buddhismu Diamantové cesty Praha

The Diamond Way meditation centre in Prague is open to everyone interested in Buddhism. The regular programme consists of public lectures, guided meditations and explanations for newcomers. We are part of the Karma Kagyu lineage and our main teachers are Lama Ole Nydahl and the 17th Karmapa Thinle Thaye Dorje.

Regular programme

every Thursday 8 pm
meditation in English

lectures reguraly 8 pm
introductory lecture in Czech. See more on bdc.cz/kalendar-akci/
(we provide translation on request, please let us know at [email protected])

PLEASE NOTE: In July and August, the center will be open to the public only from Monday to Thursday.
Between 4 – 9 July and 20 July – 6 August, the center will be completely closed to the public.
In case of questions, contact: [email protected]


Buddha gave his students effective methods aimed at their personal development that allowed them to live better, become free and full of joy. His teachings were given in everyday situations while he was travelling with his students through India and teaching “the way things are”.

Buddhist meditation is the fastest way to develop mind’s full potential and to reach lasting happiness. The Buddhist goal is exceedingly simple - to get rid of hopes and fears. All mind’s perfect qualities arise naturally in the moment of here and now.

The Diamond Way Buddhist centre was founded by lama Ole Nydahl, who is one of the first europeans who were asked to teach Buddhism in the West. The centre is under the spiritual guidance of the 17th Karmapa Thaye Dorje, who is the head of the Karma Kagyu lineage.

Planning to visit us for the first time?
Come first to a public lecture about Buddhism that takes place every second monday. Contact us, if you require a translation.

Looking for meditations for beginners?
Try the 16th Karmapa meditation. We meditate together every day at 20.00 and the meditation is guided in English on Thursdays.