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9. - 11. 10. 2015 Weekend Course with Matt Balara

We invite you to a meditation weekend with Matt Balara that will be held on October 9-11, 2015, and will focus on the topics of meditation and buddhism in the modern world.

We start on Friday at 8 PM with an introductory lecture and 16th Karmapa meditation.

Matt Balara will talk in English with translation to Czech.

About Matt Balara

Matt was born in the US, and grew up in Australia. He has been a student of Lama Ole Nydahl since 1997, when he helped start the first Diamond Way group in Canberra. Since Lama Ole asked him to teach in 2009, Matt has given lectures focussed on integrating Buddhism into a modern Western lifestyle all around Australia, as well as in New Zealand, Eastern Europe and Russia.



Friday 9th October

20.00  lecture “Karma – Law of Cause and Effect” + 16th Karmapa meditation

Saturday 10th October

10.00  short talk + meditation session
15.00  lecture “Working with Disturbing Emotions” + meditation
20.00  lecture “Bodhisattva view” + 16th Karmapa meditation

Sunday 11th October

10.30  short talk + meditation session
15.00  lecture “How to Practice Buddhism in Daily Life” + meditation
20.00  lecture “The Importance of the Teacher in Diamond Way” + 16th Karmapa meditation


70 Kč / lecture
100 Kč / whole day

40 Kč /breakfast
80 Kč / lunch
80 Kč / dinner
50 Kč / Friday dinner

100 Kč / night
members for free

Price for the whole course 820 Kč (members 720 Kč)

Student discounts

40 Kč / lecture
60 Kč / whole day

Price for the whole course 710 Kč (members 610 Kč)